July 29, 2014

60th Anniversary of The Fellowship of the Ring

Today, July 29, 2014, marks 60 years since The Fellowship of the Ring was first published in 1954.  George Allen & Unwin Ltd., Tolkien's publishers, only ran 3,000 copies in its first printing and only 1,500 in the US later that year.  Since then The Lord of the Rings has become the second best-selling book of all time behind Charles Dickens's, A Tale of Two Cities, with over 150 million copies sold!

The Two Towers would later be published on November 11 and The Return of the King was released the following year on October 20, 1955.

To mark the occasion, Harper Collins has released two new editions of the classic in the UK.  The first is a boxed set featuring Tolkien's original jacket designs and includes an updated version of The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion by Wayne G. Hammond and Christina Scull.


The second is a one-volume edition in a transparent slipcase featuring all 50 of Alan Lee's painting from The Lord of the Rings.


I hope they make it to the USA sometime soon! :-)

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