March 25, 2015

Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day!

Happy New Year!  It may not be the start of our own calendar year, but today begins a new Gondorian year.  Marking the day Sauron fell in the year 3019 of the Third Age, Gondorians set aside time to celebrate and remember the historic event by starting their year on March 25.

That is all fictitious of course, but in the real world Tolkien fans across the globe have designated March 25th as Tolkien Reading Day.  We as Tolkien fans love to step into Middle-earth at any time during the year, but today we collectively set aside a time to read, reflect on, and enjoy a bit of the Professor's works.  So let me encourage you to spend at least a few minutes today in one of Tolkien's many fantastical tales.  Most people are at least a bit familiar with his Middle-earth stories, but I would recommend reading one of his short stories too.  Farmer Giles of Ham, Roverandom, Smith of Wooten Major, Mr. Bliss, The Father Christmas Letters and others are all priceless gems that few Tolkien fans get around to reading (unfortunately).  Being short, well written, fun, and incredibly insightful into another aspect of Tolkien's character, I think they make for a great selection for a day like today.  But, however you decide to celebrate,

Happy Tolkien Reading Day!!

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