March 14, 2015

Fantastic Fan-Arranged LotR Sheet Music

Manna lelyale Voromire?
Being both an avid musician and an extreme Tolkien geek means I'm often on the lookout for arrangements of my favorite (read: any) parts of the Middle-earth soundtracks.  For this post I thought I'd share two of my favorite resources with you...

     I'm always looking for violin music myself, but if you play any instrument (or sing) you'll enjoy the materials on 

     The website's owner (who goes by the name Alcaeru) has collected dozens of arrangements by himself and others from around the community and posted them on his website.  Most of the arrangements are for piano, but if you play a different instrument and can read treble clef (or transpose) then you can read the top line and get a friend to accompany you.

     Besides the dozens of arrangements of individual tracks/songs, a fan by the name of M.W. from New Zealand has transcribed the entire score of The Fellowship of the Ring for piano/short score and has given it to Alcaeru to put on the site.  The 165 page-long pdf is an incredible piece of work.  I can't imagine all the hours put into it!  In addition to marking where bits of the Complete Recordings have been cut from the film, M.W. has periodically indicated what takes place on screen at that point in the music.  If you can read music, play piano, or are interested in arranging any song from FotR then this will be an invaluable resource to you.  Check it out at 

     Towards the beginning of the school-year I was searching for LotR music for my string quartet when I came across this wonderful playlist on YouTube:

The roughly 30 minute-long tone poem contains many of the major themes from LotR in 5 movements (I. Introduction, II. The Ring Goes South, III. The War of Helm's Deep, IV. The Battle for Middle-earth, and V. The Return of the King).  Nikolai Clavier, a young composer and violist from Norway, did a masterful job balancing the parts and grouping the themes (often times thematically instead of chronologically).  My quartet has certainly enjoyed playing bits of it this year.  On his website you can find all the parts and a full score:  If your group can get a string bass there's also a fun (but challenging) John Williams Medley for string quintet on there as well.

Do you play an instrument?  If so, what are your favorite parts to play from the LotR (or Hobbit) soundtracks?  Feel free to share down in the comments below!

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  1. Very cool! I wish they had a cd with the individual songs the characters sing(Pippin's song etc.)