July 29, 2015

Introducing Disqus Comments

The Tolkien community is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent group of fans, so its been no surprise to see such insightful comments left by visitors here over the year this blog has existed.  These thoughts, ideas and questions have been left using Blogger's default comment system which works, but leaves some features to be desired.  So, after much thought and deliberation, Musings of a Tolkienist is moving on to DISQUS.

July 24, 2015

How Old Did Frodo Really Look?

19-year old Elijah Wood on the set of The Fellowship of the Ring
One of the favorite "bashing points" used by Lord of the Rings fans with purist tendencies concerns Frodo's age.  In The Lord of the Rings book his age when he left the Shire is explicitly stated as 50, but 19-year old Elijah Wood certainly did not look the part when PJ & Co. casted him in the role of Frodo Baggins.  However, the filmmakers might not have been quite as off as some would like to think...

July 16, 2015

Hobbit Origins: The Catalog of Dwarves

An Unexpected Party by John Howe
During the semester-long course on The Hobbit that I taught earlier this year for middle-schoolers we looked at many of the real historical sources that inspired Tolkien's own mythology.  Every few weeks here on Musings of a Tolkienist I've been summarizing our discoveries on specific topics and posting what we learned.  Earlier this spring we took a look at the postcard that inspired the character of Gandalf and last month I shared what we learned about trolls.  This month's topic features the dwarves...

July 15, 2015

Follow Musings of a Tolkienist on Social Media!

Along with a facelift to the main site I've also launched social media profiles for Musings of a Tolkienist.  Now you can follow along and receive the latests posts and news with your Facebook or Google+ account.

July 1, 2015

More Middle-earth Films To Be Announced At San-Diego Comic Con 2015?

Now that the Middle-earth movies have (seemingly) come to an end (with the exception of the BoFA Extended Edition release later this year), many fans have begun to settle down and go back to the books while looking back over an exciting era in Tolkien fandom.  However, Hollywood may not be finished with Tolkien's world yet...