July 29, 2015

Introducing Disqus Comments

The Tolkien community is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent group of fans, so its been no surprise to see such insightful comments left by visitors here over the year this blog has existed.  These thoughts, ideas and questions have been left using Blogger's default comment system which works, but leaves some features to be desired.  So, after much thought and deliberation, Musings of a Tolkienist is moving on to DISQUS.

If you've been around online a while you've undoubtedly come across the elegant comment system by Disqus (pronounced "discuss").  It's commonly used throughout the web including on multiple Tolkien fan sites (including theonering.net) and features more options and flexibility than Blogger's default system including log in with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Disqus, or guest accounts and media insertion (i.e. you can attach pictures).

However, there's just one little bug.  Thanks to some questionable stiff-arming by Google, Blogger will no longer allow comments written on its interface to be imported into Disqus.  Translation: All comments made on MoaT previous to this post are no longer visible.  I still have copies of all of them and the people at Disqus are working on restoring that function to their product and I will move over all existing comments as soon as possible.  Until then, please share you thoughts about the new interface.  Do you like it?  Is it easier?  Do you miss the old discussions and think I should revert back to the original system?  Discuss below!     

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