July 14, 2015

LEGO Lothlorien Ideas Project Reaches 10,000 Supports

Another Lord of the Rings-inspired fan project has earned the coveted support of 10,000 users on LEGO Ideas.

The 1399-piece set design by RAKRONDEWL features detachable sections, a catapult to launch minifigures away from the Mirror of Galadriel and the ubiquitous flick-fire missiles commonly featured in official LEGO sets.  Minifigures of Galadriel, Celeborn, Frodo, Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir are featured with the model as well.

The LEGO Ideas team will examine the project later this year and if it passes the review we wouldn't get to see it stores in late 2016. 

However, that long review project is highly critical.  The last LotR-inspired project, Minas Tirith, was rejected for (presumably) size issues.  But, this model is much smaller and could be reduced even further.  One of the other key factors is licensing rights.  LEGO has worked with Warner Bros. and Middle-earth Enterprises in the past and they are continuing their partnership through TT Games' LEGO Dimensions video game later this year.  With those two key issues out of the way it will be up to the fickle minds of the Ideas review board to determine whether or not this great project gets to end up in the hands of consumers.      

 View the original project at https://ideas.lego.com/projects/70260

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