September 10, 2015

Join Me At The Fellowship of the Ring In Concert!

One of the most beloved and critically acclaimed aspects of Peter Jackson's divisive hexalogy of Middle-earth films has been the sweeping, emotional and intricate music composed by the award-winning Howard Shore.  But, perhaps the best award Shore has received for his work is the continued popularity of his music.  The score for The Lord of the Rings films is standing the test of time and one of the best evidences of that are the numerous live concerts held worldwide by major symphony orchestras.  And finally, one of those performances will be held near me...

In just over one week's time (on September 18 and 19) the talented North Carolina Symphony along with the North Carolina Master Chorale and the Raleigh Boys Choir will perform the entire score to The Fellowship of the Ring live while the film is projected above the stage.  Yours truly will be there in downtown Raleigh on Saturday night and will provide a "special report" later that weekend.

If anyone else is in the general vicinity I highly encourage you to go.  The North Carolina Symphony is one of the top orchestras in the southeast and Raleigh is a great "little" city to visit.  If you've been to a live LotR concert before let us know what you thought!  If you haven't been able to go before, but are planning on attending soon (hopefully in Raleigh!) then let us know what scene or aspect of the event you're most looking forward to!  I can't wait for A Knife in the Dark and the Breaking of the Fellowship/Boromir's Death sequences.  I wonder what they'll do with all the exotic instruments in the score like the rhaita.  Hmmm...


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